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A home painting company in Kolkata can never fulfil your requirements with well furnishing if it has not an experienced skilled painter team. Rainbowkolor is a painting company in Kolkata that has experienced painting contractors in Kolkata having more than 10+ years of experience in the relevant Fields. They have completed lots of painting projects in Kolkata and outstation Kolkata successfully.

The best home painting company in Kolkata is committed to providing fully furnishing both interior and exterior design service to all the people of Kolkata spontaneously. Always we try to make an innovative design with extraordinary thinking by our specialist designer. Not only does wall painting give extraordinary look but also plays a very important role in long-lasting a wall. An experienced wall painting company can paint your wall by keeping these technical things in mind. We have completed 1000+ projects in Kolkata and the rest of India. Our technical team is always updating their knowledge to give a unique design to each project so that your house painting can be uniquely identified. We provide many types of services like Interior design, exterior design, wall texture/pencil painting, wall stencils, wallpaper wall painting, Book house painting, Residential wall painting, waterproof damp treatment, wall painting design in kolkata, etc. Client satisfaction is our primary motto by providing excellent service by our experience.


Residential Painting

All residential painting service in Kolkata and all over India is provided by our expert best home painting company in Kolkata with professional painting contractors.

Commercial Painting

We provide painting service to all types of offices and commercial spaces within your budget. Office interior design and exterior design are done in Kolkata and all over India.

Textures & Artistic Paint

The textured surface is designed by well trend technicians of have experience in 2-dimensional and 3- dimensional design.

// Cities We Serve //

We serve our painting service to all the major cities in India. Painting service for many residential apartments and offices at Howrah, Newtown, Saltlake, Soth24 Paragana, North 24 Paragana, Garia, New Alipore, Jadavpur, Park street, Behala in Kolkata is going on all almost all the seasons.

Working at the client side

You can examine us how professional we are ? Our home painting services in Kolkata can give the proof why we the best home painting company in Kolkata ? Our experienced home painting contractors can guide you properly for your home painting service in Kolkata.

// Our Services //

Not only Interior painting design and exterior painting design services are provided in Kolkata but also we serve wall texture/pencil painting, wall stencils, wallpaper wall painting,Bookhouse painting, Residential wall painting, waterproof damp treatment, wall painting to all of our customers in Kolkata and India.


Interior Home Painting

4.3 Rating

Interior home painting service in Kolkata is highly demanded now-a- days. Interior home painting can give extra pleasure to you by well designed.Read more...


Exterior Home Painting

4.5 Rating

Exterior home painting service can give the amazing look to your home. Exterior home painting service in Kolkata will fulfill all the dreams.Read more...


Wall Texture / Pencil Painting

4.6 Rating

Wall texture or pencil painting gives your wall actual texture to attract the concentration of you, your family, and guests.Read more...


Wall Stencils

4.9 Rating

Wall stencils are used to décor your wall painting and wallpaper for a better look. The painting which is done with wall stencils can be redesigned by erasing the previous one.Read more...


Wallpaper Wall Painting

4.8 Rating

Wallpaper is a material that is used for the interior design of walls. It is designed and then paste on the wall. Wallpaper wall painting service in Kolkata is demandable nowadays.Read more...


Book House Painting Expert

4.9 Rating

Choose an expert house painting contractor to make your house painting as per your dream. Many house painting contractors are available in Kolkata to give new design of your house.Read more...


Residential Appartment Painting

4.4 Rating

Residential apartment painting is preferred by most people in Kolkata. It can rise the beauty of apartments to the most


Waterproof Damp Treatment

4.1 Rating

Waterproof damp is the vital part to give security to the entire home. If there is a damp the entire house can be destroyed gradually by spread junk.


Wall Painting Service

4.7 Rating

Wall painting service can decorate the walls very fine. We can make painting as per our choice by an experienced painter only.


Paint roller set is very important to make painting on the wall which contains paint roller, sleeve, tray, paintbrushes, radiator brush, paint roller, and extension pole. These are the painting tools.

// Our Work Process //

We execute the entire project by following step by step like 1st you take an appointment to discuss your project briefly, then we can provide you the estimated budget to complete your project. After that, we will send the final quotation for approval and then send a work order to us. By the completion of this process, we start to execute your project by keeping in mind the delivery date.


We always listen to what our clients want us to deliver as it is all about your choice. A session is held between our clients and our experts where the client’s point of view is understood and taken note of to be implemented accordingly.


Planning is the essence of all successful projects. We make a plan or a blueprint that is according to the choices that were chosen by you. The plan is then accurately implemented to satisfy our clients.


We create designs that will be used to transform your dream space into a reality. Our concepts are genuine and each creation is designed to stand out and create an everlasting impression.


After everything is done from designs to planning, the final step to a masterpiece will be filling up the space with the designs that have been chosen for them.


RainbowKolor has a very young and experienced painter team to execute all types of wall painting services including interior painting and exterior painting. We don’t allow any hidden costs. We give emphasize satisfactory work to our clients. All team members update their knowledge according to the latest technology. Many of our customers are thinking we are not less than the best home painting company in Kolkata.Basic Guideline of finding the best home painting company in Kolkata.


A well-trained and experienced painting contractor in Kolkata can guide his/her team to execute the project professionally. Rainbowkolor has a team of painting contractors in Kolkata of 10+ years of experience, who are well trained in exterior home painting, interior home painting, and residential home painting service, commercial painting services, and many more in Kolkata. Now our many custormers are saying our home painting contactors are the best in Kolkata. Kindly check some basic roles of the best home painting contractors for providing a professional home painting service in Kolkata, India.

Our Features

We work 7 days in a week.

Checking by the senior painter in every 2 days interval.

All Verified and Professionals home painter in Kolkata

Our team size is large.

We give emphasize on cost minimization.

Specialized and experienced painters have executed projects.

No hidden cost is allowed.

The project is executed within your budget.

100% Customer Satisfaction.

Best communication with customers.

We Accept Cash, Cheque, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, Net Banking, Debit Card, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just you place an inquiry on our website or make a call to us. Our support team will guide you properly step by step.

Take an appointment to discuss your project before starting your work. Our experienced team will discuss everything regarding your project within your budget. I hope you will get a solution here.

Only you have to give the option of your favourite colour, our expert designer will show you the virtual design by using multi combinations of your favourite colour. You can choose among these without any hesitation.

Before purchasing colour kindly contact us. Our experienced personnel will identify the right colour in the shop.

Wallpaper painting is more lasting than wall paint.

// How We Do Home Painting In Kolkata ? //

We do the home painting by following proper steps like 1st proper masking, 2nd wall levelling, 3rd wall painting, and lastly post painting cleaning.

As we aim to execute the project properly, proper masking is a very important part at the beginning of the project. This tool helps to achieve clean and shape lines during painting. It can adjust the surface properly. Not only proper masking helps to adjust the surface but also plays a vital role to make the initial design for your home painting projects properly as per your requirement. Wall or surface can be monitories properly.

After proper masking & covering the next important process is to level the wall properly with putty. Wall may be damp after a certain period of time due to various reasons. Proper damp treatment has to be done before applying putty to it. Putty will minimize the undulation of the wall and increase the longevity period. After doing putty it's time to do priming of the wall. Primer acts as a binder to the paint.

wallpainting STEP 3: WALL PAINTING
After levelling of the wall and priming it's time to apply the paint on the wall as per the color or design selected by the consultant/customer. To get the desired paint finish it is important to do 2-3 coat of paints using proper tools and highly skilled and trained painters. If you want texture painting our trained painters can do various types of texture paints according to your choice.

After completion of the wall painting we clean the floor and it's surrounding surface to get a proper and desired finish for your sweet home. Post painting cleaning is done so that you don't have to take botheration after the paint work is done. So don't worry kindly choose the right residential and commercial painters in Kolkata to get the best painting service within your budget.


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