Transform Your Wall with Texture Design

We usually believe changing a room's colours can refresh the space and surroundings. But wall texture design are one notch above the regular paints and can add elegance to the room. Textured paint will give a texture look and hide all the cracks and uneven surfaces on the wall. Another great thing is that they require less care and attention than ordinary wall paints and linger for an extended period.

So are you planning to give a unique look to your boring walls? If yes then Rainbow Kolor, Kolkata, provides excellent wall texture design services to make your walls look attractive.

Benefits of Texture Design

  • Textured paint will add a unique touch to your wall.
  • These paints can withstand climatic conditions and will not allow fungi or algae growth on the wall.
  • It can linger for many more years.
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is easy to create false illusions on walls at affordable rates.

Type of Wall Texture Painting Services

Rainbow Kolor in Kolkata provides various wall texture painting services. Some of them are listed below.

1. Stone Texture

Stone texture finish can give a rusty look to your walls and is perfect for people who want a cozy feeling in their room. This texture will evoke natural beauty in the room.


2. Brick Wall Texture

Rainbow Kolor provides exposed brick wall texture paint designs that can add a rustic style to your room. It is excellent for homeowners who want a countryside feel in their room.


3. Geometric patterns

Incorporating different geometric textured patterns on the bare walls can create a focal point and add a new dimension to your space.


4. Wood Grain Effects

Wood grain textured walls can create a warm ambiance in your room. It mimics the natural wood grains, which provide a cozy feel in your living room or bedroom and harmonizes well with any architectural style.


5. Royal Stucco

You can enhance the elegance of your room by choosing Asian paint's royal stucco texture design. You can choose a variety of textures and colours to have a luxurious feel in your room.

Royal Stucco

Why Should You Choose Us?

Do you have an apartment in Kolkata and want to spice up your bedroom or living room walls? If yes then you can contact Rainbow Kolor. They provide wall textured design services all over Kolkata.
You can choose Rainbow Kolor for the reasons listed below.

  • The experienced and skilled painting team will guide you in choosing the correct textured pattern for your room.
  • Free visit to the site
  • You can have conversations with the team face-to-face and then finalize the project.
  • Mask the furniture and other delicate items in your room before starting work.
  • The painting team will complete the work within time.
  • Post-clean-up service

How to start this service?

First, you select your design and then set your budget. After that, you can contact painting service providers to discuss briefly your requirements. If they have an experienced painting team then they can guide you properly. We arrange a face-to-face discussion with our all customers before finalizing their projects.

To discuss with us simply make a call or put an enquiry through our website. Our support team will take care of your requirements step by step.