Best wall painting design ideas for your home


Best wall painting design ideas for your home

Wall painting Designs | Best wall painting design ideas for your Home


Get wall painting design ideas to enhance the beauty of your home. Your home would not look good if you only do simple colours. To give a different look you need to go for different wall painting designs which are available in the market. Rainbow Kolors in Kolkata is one of the few wall painting design company who can cater to all your painting needs. Check out below some of the wall painting design which are available to decorate your home:-

1. Texture painting-

Texture wall painting design ideas

There are different creative wall painting ideas available from which you can decorate your home. Many paint company such as Asian paints, berger paints, dulux paints have their own texture design. You can choose from there for wall painting design of your bedroom walls or hall walls. There are variety of texture wall painting design available from which you can choose according to your choice. You should consult some colour consultant who can guide you through this. At Rainbow Kolors we have the best colour consultancy team who will help you in selecting the best texture wall painting design for walls. Some of the best wall painting design ideas from where you can select your wall painting ideas are listed below:-  

A) Asian paints Fizz design:-

 Wall painting design

This round texture design from Asian paints is one of the common and easy paint designs for walls. This design gives your wall an extraordinary look. This wall painting designs is basically a circle design which is made by just using a cap of 1ltr paint can. But when it comes on the wall this painting design looks fabulous. So, if you like simple yet beautiful designs then this design is for you.

B) Asian paints Brick design-

Wall painting design

This wall painting design gives your wall a natural look. Brick design gives a rustic look to your living room. These wall painting design ideas are highly versatile and affordable. Brick design can be done anywhere in your house but it’s looks best on your Tv wall.

C) Asian paints delta design-

Wall painting design

This is another wall painting design from Asian paints which is very much in demand now a days. It has a very uncommon pattern compare to other texture designs.  This paint design looks good on bedroom walls. So, if you are looking for wall painting design for bedroom then you can select delta design for that.

D) Asian paints stucco design-

Wall painting design

Stucco finish designs have grainy texture appearance that can hide the imperfections of your walls. This wall painting designs are high end theme from company to give your wall a royal and    premium look. Compare to other textures design this painting design is much costlier. But its unique appearance makes this wall painting design special.

E) Asian paints Brushing design-

Wall painting design

 As it is very clear from the name this wall painting design is done with the help of a paint brush. It’s a simple design but it gives a very beautiful look to the wall. If you are planning to decorate your room with minimal yet beautiful look then this painting design is one for you.

2. Stencil painting design:-

Stencil wall painting design

Stencils are highly beneficial tools that help you create beautiful wall painting design to decorate your space. They came in a wide variety of sizes and patterns. These are very easy to apply on walls. It’s also cost effective. So if you are looking for some wall painting design within your budget then stencil wall painting design are the best for you. Here you can find some easy wall painting ideas for your home:

A) Asian paints grapevine design-

Wall painting design

This wall painting design can be done on the full wall just like a texture design. If you have budget constraint but you want all over design on your wall then you can definitely look for this Asian paint stencil design.

B) Asian paints Nascent Corolla-

Wall painting design

If you want simple wall painting design with elegance look then this paint design is definitely a yes for you. The best thing about this design is that you can do this painting design in two walls at same cost.

C) Asian paints water lily design-

Wall painting design

This wall painting design is very much appropriate for bedroom walls. As the name suggest this design is very much similar to water lily flower. So you are getting a floral effect on your wall within a very nominal budget.

D) Asian paints dreams of paradise design-

Wall painting design

This wall painting design will get you close to nature. You would find branches, butterflies flying around, mountain design. So if you are a nature lover then this design will definitely excite you.

E) Asian paints feather design-

Wall painting design

A simple wall painting design for your bedroom walls. This paint design is so simple that even you can do-it-yourself also. You just need to buy this stencil online or from a local dealer and a small roller and you are ready to do it.

3. Artistic design:-

Artistic wall painting ideas

If you want to give your wall a different look then you can go for Artistic wall painting design. Artistic designs are the most creative form of design. If you have budget and if you like creativity then you should go for Artistic wall painting design. This will give your wall a royal look. Here you can find some creative wall painting ideas: -

A) Children playing in playground-

Wall painting design

If you are running a school for children’s or you have small kids in your home then you can do this wall painting design there. In this painting design two children are playing in a see-saw. One small girl is skipping. This paint design will definitely attract the kids.

B) 3D nature design-

Wall painting design

This is a 3D wall painting design of a forest where you can see lot of trees with a waterfall around it. This wall painting design will take you close to nature. If you are a nature lover then you will definitely be going to like it.

C) 3D aquarium design-

Wall painting design

Get aquarium designed on your walls. You can do this 3D wall painting design in your living room. In this wall painting design you can see two beautiful dolphins are playing under water. In this paint design you actually get a feeling of living under water with all this beautiful water species.

D) A big tree design-

Wall painting design

Get close to nature with this beautiful wall painting design. A big tree and some flowers falling in the ground makes this painting design looks even more beautiful. If you love nature then you are definitely going to like this paint design very much. You can do this in your bedroom walls.

E) Beautiful nature design-

Wall painting design

Look at this wall painting design. It’s looking beautiful with trees all around the way. A beautiful sunshine makes it look even better. It seems that we are in the lap of mother nature. This paint design will definitely make your house look amazing.