What is the difference between commercial and residential Painting Contractors?


What is the difference between commercial and residential Painting Contractors?

Pointing a contract means being able to execute the contract name which requires expertise, knowledge, and skill in trading. Professional painting contractors are painters who do their own work for general contractors or they hired directly by owners. It may be a small group of painters or an employee of a painting company.

Painting contractors can execute the following works.

• Surface preparation, such as removing wallpaper, patching, sanding, repairing drywall, removing old paint from walls, and taping edges. 

• Preparing the area like protecting the floor and covering the furniture.  

• Priming 

• Touch-up.  

• Includes detailed work such as painting, trim, windows, doors, and ceilings.  

• Clean up.  

Basic knowledge about the commercial painting contractor 

Commercial Painting contractors have their own painting office with a technical team. They can able to make painting offices, schools, hospitals, and many commercial spaces. Commercial painting contractors specialize in projects of all sizes. Many good projects use modern equipment in their work to complete them within the stipulated time frame. They are fully professional in their work. There are too many commercial painting workers are available in Kolkata who can paint any kind of commercial space properly. 

Basic knowledge about the residential painting contractor  

The painting contractors who are making painting residential spaces such as homes and apartments are called as residential painting contractors. They are experts in both interior and exterior design of the house. It works in less time and less space than commercial painting. They paint various things in the house in a good way. Residential painting contractors in Kolkata are well trained in house painting service. Now, you can find out a residential painting contractor in Kolkata easily.

The main difference between commercial painting contractors and residential painting contractors 

Painting a residential or commercial property are two different tasks. The different tools and techniques are used for each category. The designer can make plans differently for both residential space and commercial space. Let's discuss some differences between residential painting contractors and commercial painting contractors. 

1. Size of the project 

The scope of a painting project is indicative of the type of painting services required. Residential projects include houses, condominiums, and other residences painting is included. 

Only the exterior or interior can be painted by residential painting contractors only. 

Whereas commercial planning has focused on large projects. From large shops to schools, colleges, government offices, commercial buildings, etc., commercial painting contractors can paint the commercial space properly with their professional team. This requires modern machinery and more painting tools for painting.  

2. Numbers of painter 

Looking at commercial painting contractors will try to complete the large buildings, buildings, and other areas within the specified time frame properly. This painting space should look professional. Thus it needs expert painters, the right colour with the proper colour combination. Commercial painting contractors employ more people so that they complete commercial painting projects on time. 

On the other hand, residential building projects are smaller in scope. And this work does not require many painters because of limited space. But an expert professional residential painter team can execute the work properly in time.

3. Materials and Equipment 

Residential painting contractors only focus on small residential projects. For this reason, they can complete the painting services by using less advanced materials. As a result, the material update is not required at a regular time interval. They use paint brushes, rollers, painting trays, step ladders, drop cloths, and cleaning equipment. 

On the other hand, commercial painters need to update their technology and materials because of making a better and better professional look. Thus, they use complex equipment such as pressure washers, sandblasters, paint sprayers, scaffolding, aerial lifts, and many more. Apart from this, they need to know about marble, painting colour, plywood, wood, plastic, and other necessary materials. 

4. Project management

Commercial property owners expect to complete the work within the specified time frame and within the specified budget according to their business strategy. Therefore, experienced project management is important for commercial and industrial painting jobs. Professional commercial painting contractors have many skilled painters. As a result, they can execute the work properly in time. 

Although the project size of a residential painting project is lesser than the commercial project the owner of the residential space also needs to complete the project in time. Thus the many residential painting contractors in Kolkata have well-experienced painters who can complete the projects in time properly. 

5. Quantity of paint 

A comparison between residential painting and commercial painting is that commercial painting has more professional colours than residential painting. But the selection of the right color is also a very important factor for painting any space, it may be a residential space or commercial space. A good combination colour can give professional looks to both residential houses and offices. So that, it will raise the painting quality indirectly. 

6. Schedule 

Commercial painting is designed around the commercial building owner's schedule. Scheduling can be a challenge for businesses as most clients want to be done in time as per their flexible time. Some commercial building owners request that painters handle this problem and they do not interfere with their working hours.  

All employees try to complete their tasks within the stipulated time. But generally, most painters work 5 days a week. But a professional painting contractor can segregate their works properly. As a result whole painting project is completed in time.  

Both commercial painting contractors and residential painting contractors are very important nowadays for any kind of painting service. Experienced painting contractors always like to maintain their professional painting service, it does not matter whether they belong to residential painting contractors or commercial painting contractors. It’s sure a commercial painting contractor can make a painting of residential space and vice versa.